Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom

Cradle Of Humankind - Medieval Kingdom

Come and thrill to the songs, stories, and fun of the Baron and his Minstrels and join in the choruses. You'll be addressed as Milord and Milady, and entertained right royally. Call "Wench!" - the helpings are splendid and served with great ceremony - mouth-watering fare - all brought by Wenches and Lackeys in period costume, with a flourish of trumpets!

South Africa’s most Lavish Feast; an impressive re-creation of an Era.
For 41 years, Greensleeves has been known as “The Special Occasions Venue!

What Is A Feast?

Rollicking, bawdy fun, singing, dancing and audience participation with the Baron and his Troubadours! Dine in Medieval splendour and a superb atmosphere. 


Feasts run Friday & Saturday nights (or by arrangement). Our restaurant and tasting room is now also open for Sunday Lunches - with a Middle Eastern twist.

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